Bradley and Lucas reach a milestone at the Winter Grading.

Over eighty of our students earned new ranks at the Winter General Grading on December 16th 2018.
The Gradings, as ever, were an all-day affair from 9am until after 5pm, as all students were staggered, attending in small groups, with Sensei Rob scrutinising all students in detail, from Tigers as young as 4 years old, to adults in their 40s and 50s, and from absolute beginners to those attempting Black Belt.

Three youngsters of first Kyu reached the milestone of Black belt; Kimi, daughter of our longest serving Dan Grades, Kee, was joined by Bradley and Lucas.
Brad and Lucas started Karate several years ago as such younger children in the Special Needs class. Both have worked tirelessly over the years, graduating to our mainstream classes and though it took them longer than most, have made quite incredible improvements. It was a proud day for Vale Karate when they were awarded their Back Belts!

Well done all. As always, a great way to end the year!