Vale Karate is a family-run professional Karate Organisation established and run by Chief Instructor Rob Copeland 6th Dan, Leah Copeland 3rd Dan and secretary Cathy Copeland and based at Vale Karate's Dojo at Barry Leisure Centre.

Vale Karate has a comprehensive timetable of classes running throughout the week with all classes taken by Rob Copeland & Leah Copeland.
Sensei’s Luke Howard, Kee Wong & Helen Young assist when required.

Our timetable includes:

  • Classes for children from four years; 'The Vale Karate Tigers'

  • Traditional classes for children separated by grade.

  • Adults traditional Shotokan sessions.

  • Classes for children with Special Needs

  • Competition Specific sessions in Kata and Kumite.

  • Fighting Fit classes for Children

  • Adult Fight Club

  • Private one-2-one sessions

Vale Karate really is Karate for Everyone. We aim to make each students time with Vale Karate, be it a week or two, or a decade or two, enjoyable and beneficial.

  • A place to meet old friends and make new ones.

  • A place to improve your fitness and wellbeing, reduce stress and take advantage of the wide array of benefits Karate delivers both physically and mentally.

  • A place to learn the absorbing and challenging art of Shotokan and the exciting Sport of Karate.

The sporting side of Karate is not for everyone, and we offer a host of 'traditional' classes, but we believe competitive Karate can be a vitally important stepping stone towards a fulfilling and successful Karate career.

For more than a decade Vale Karate has been the most successful karate club in Wales.

The Vale Karate Squad has always excelled in both aspects of competitive Karate; Kata and Kumite.

We believe in a competitive, sporting ethos and in giving those who want to compete the very best chances of being successful.

Chief Instructor Rob Copeland founded Vale Karate Club in 1986, under the wing of the Karate Union of Wales. He left the KUW in 2000, establishing 'Vale Karate' as an independent Organisation in membership of the Welsh Karate Governing Body (WKGB) 

During the years between 2002 and 2012, Vale Karate were dominant, winning an unprecedented One Hundred and Sixty WKGB Welsh titles as well as Twenty-One BKF British titles, an EKF European Silver medal, World Universities Bronze medal and gold medals at the Commonwealth Karate Championships, Kamacho Open, French International Open for teenagers, Belgian Open, Junior Austrian Open, Czech Open and Celtic Cup among others.

Vale Karate also counted among their membership many WKGB Welsh International Competitors.

In 2012, Rob withdrew Vale Karate from the WKGB and was among the founder members of a new Governing Body for Karate in Wales:  Karate Wales Ltd.

Rob is currently President of Karate Wales Ltd.

Through Karate Wales all members are fully insured and have experienced new and exciting opportunities unimaginable only a few years ago!

Karate Wales is affiliated to WUKF and the IKU and affiliation to these World Bodies has opened up a host of opportunities for competitors and those interested in officiating, and Vale Karate members, as part of the Karate Wales Squad have travelled all over Europe in the past few years.

In 2012 Vale Karate embarked on a new competitive adventure, The Welsh Karate League.

The WKL is a fantastic opportunity for budding champions. Seven events per season take place in Wales with the results tied together, so although each competition stands alone, there is also a structure to find the season's champion of champions!

In Vale's first season no fewer than thirteen squad members won Champion of Champions trophies! This success has continued as Vale Karate won the 'Most Successful Club' award for the next six seasons!

However; although we are definitely a 'sport oriented' club, it is plain to see that we offer something for everyone.

Karate is more than simply a sport and we aim to ensure that training with Vale Karate is an extremely positive experience for absolutely anyone.