We use ClubWorx to help us manage your membership and keep track of which classes you have attended.

I am New to Karate

If you or your family are completely new to Vale Karate you should complete this form. 


If you or your family already train with Vale Karate you should complete this form.

LIcence Renewal

If you need to renew your licence you should complete this form.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How many forms do I need to complete?

You should complete one form per family, when you start to complete your form you can choose "Adult" if its just for yourself and "Adult with dependents" if you have multiple people in your family.

When do I need to complete the form by?

If you are an existing member please signup to ClubWorx before the end of July as we will be switching to digital attendance from August 1st 2018. 

do i need a computer to use clubworx?

No. We have tested Clubworx on tablets and smartphones so you should be able to use any smart device to complete the form.

CAN i complete the form at the Dojo?

Yes, however we only have a few tablets so please try to complete the form on your phone, tablet or computer from the comfort of your own sofa.

I have more questions

Ask us at the Dojo, on Facebook or via email.