Friday 15th, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th December was witness to a hive of activity within Vale Karate, Club Night on the Friday was perhaps the busiest since 90 of our members took part in our Red Nose Day event  in March. Of course many were there as it was a final chance to prepare for the Grading which took place on the weekend, but only half the class was dedicated to grading prep, as we then enjoyed a Fun Night, with Sensei Kee leading the class in a variety of moves to music, including a memorable 'Twelve Days of Christmas', with press-ups accompanying every number... "Twelve Drummers Drumming" (press-up) "Eleven Pipers Piping" (press-up) etc.. A lot of press-ups!

Saturday saw the younger and lower grades of the club grading, with 22 Tigers, the same number as in July, starting the day, which was ended with five 4th Kyu children earning their Brown Belts swelling our advanced grades ranks.

Sunday was the turn of our Brown Belts (and a small group of Kyu grade adults) and ended with the Dan Grading.

Gradings at Vale Karate are a private affair, as we believe parents watching, would be a unnecessary distraction, however we open the blinds for the final part of the grading, the Kumite as a bit of encouragement to the exhausted grades is helpful and welcome.

We had three attempting their Dan Grading, Greg was going for Junior Shodan, Grace attempted Adult Shodan and Chiara was attempting Junior 2nd Dan. The first such grading in Vale Karate!

The atmosphere was electric as the supporters cheered them on and all three negotiated the grading successfully, with some truly top quality Karate on show. A great way to end the year for Vale Karate.