The Winter grading was the first to take place at our new home dojo at Barry Leisure Centre. The grading took place over the weekend of 10th & 11th December and although over 80 took the grading, they did so in small groups, in order for Sensei's Rob and Leah to fully examine each and every student.
It was immediately apparent that the standard of our Children from Red Belt (8th Kyu) to Purple Belt (5th Kyu) has risen in the environment of our new dojo, the attention to detail that we can now devote to each class  has delivered exactly what we were looking for!
Several student have now taken advantage of the private sessions we can now deliver and that too had a bearing on the overall standard. 

Examining small groups has also given us a clear vision of what is needed overall in order to continue raising standards and identified individuals who need more attention.

Congratulations to all students who passed, in particular to our twelve new Brown Belts and six new Black Belts.
Also a special word of congratulation to Sensei Leah who passed her 3rd Dan with flying colours!
A Big Thank You to Doru and Kee who came along to oppose Leah in her ten minutes of continuous and vigorous Kumite which brought the grading to a successful close.