WKL 5, was organised by Rob, Cathy and Leah and our competitors rose to the challenge attending in impressive numbers, in fact the biggest squad in Vale Karate's history! Eighty-four category entries.

As well as the booming children's squad, who, due to the new improved curriculum, are improving rapidly, it was great to see the return of some of Vale's 'more established' students shaking off the dust and rust to once again step on the tatami for Vale Karate!  
Steve Copeland, Sarah Morgan, Heidi & Kloe Christoforato & Kee Wong all made a comeback and showed that quality doesn't diminish with time... With Steve and Kee meeting in the Male Veterans Kumite final (Steve taking the gold) and Sarah winning the ladies veteran Kata event. Heidi took bronze in the Female Vets Kata, and with Kloe took bronze in the Parent & Child Kata event. Kloe also took U16 Female kata bronze.
Ritchie Godchild made his debut in blazer & greys joining our own Doru Grad.

Our regular medallists didn't disappoint,  with Leah again demonstrating why she's Wales' best all-rounder by taking the Kata/Kumite double. 
Alysha Lee  beat team-mate Ella Forsyth in the final of the U14 Girls Kumite (with Lauren Moran showing our strength in depth in this area with a fine bronze medal winning performance)  
Nathan Shepherd extending his lead at the top of the U10 Novice kata category with another gold ahead of Talia Efstathiou and Daisy Vann and Amelie Fisher having a fantastic result in winning the U8 Girls Kumite.

We also had a presence in all Team Kumite categories with all winning silver medals with the exception of our adult team (Luke, Leah, Stephen) who took gold!

Vale are having a season-long battle Royal with Mandie Read's ASKA GB at the top of the club medal table.
ASKA started the season strongly and had a good lead over Vale after two events. They then missed WKL 3, which handed Vale the lead. They may have expected to take the lead back in Penarth, being just two gold medals behind, however a strong performance from our large squad meant Vale just edged victory (ten golds to nine) to extend their overall lead to three golds (41 to 38) it's going to be close at the end of the season in March! The first time in five season's Vale have been challenged! Bring on WKL 6, in Barry on January 29th! 

Vale results:
Bradley James: Special & Para Kata
Amelie Fisher: Under 8 Girls Kumite
Nathan Shepherd: U10 Novice Kata
Alysha Lee: U14 Girls Kumite
Leah Copeland: Ladies Kata
Leah Copeland: Ladies Kumite
Sarah Morgan: Female Veteran Kata
Luke Howard: U75Kg Mens Kumite
Steve Copeland: Male Veteran Kumite
Luke, Leah, Steve: Adult Team Kumite

Jared Butcher: Special & Para Kata
Lucas Widdrington: Special & Para Kata
Amelie Fisher: U8 Girls Kata
Chiara Baker: U16 Shotokan Kata
Lloyd Beer: U8 Boys Kata
Jack Eustace: U8 Boys Kumite
Talia Efstathiou: U10 Novice Kata
Greg James: U10 Advanced Kata
Gracie Sheldon: U12 Novice Kata
Danica Apologista: U14 Advanced Kata
Ella Forsyth: U14 Girls Kumite
Josh Davies: U16 Boys Kumite
Kee Wong: Male Veteran Kumite
Greg, Nathan, Anne: U10 Team Kumite
Rhydian, Ellie-Jayne, Edward: U12 Team Kumite
Sam, Alysha, Elliot: U14 Team Kumite.

Connor Ashill: Special & Para Kata
Heidi & Kloe Parent & Child Kata
Danica, Ella, Ellie-Jayne: Team Kata
Angel Manayani: U8 Girls Kata
Elle-Mai Lee: U8 Girls Kata
Elle-Mai Lee: U8 Girls Kumite
Max Riddick: U8 Boys Kata
Lloyd Beer: U8 Boys Kumite
Daisy Vann: U10 Novice Kata
Emillie Thompson: U10 Girls Kumite
Griff Hughes: U12 Boys Advanced Kata
Rhydian Pullin: U12 Boys Advanced Kumite
Chiara Baker: U14 Girls Advanced Kata
Alysha Lee: U14 Girls Advanced Kata
Lauren Moran: U14 Girls Kumite
Kloe Christoforato: U16 Girls Kata
Emma Squire: Ladies Kata
Heidi Christoforato: Female Veteran Kata
Vincent Piguet: Male Veteran Kata