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Vale Karate has been Wales' most successful Karate club for over a decade. 

Formed in 1986, but established as an independent group in 2000, within two years we topped the WKGB medal table and over the next ten years we amassed an unprecedented total of 160 WKGB titles. We also won Twenty-One BKF British titles, a European Silver medal, a World Universities Bronze medal and gold medals at the Commonwealth Karate Championships, Kamacho Open, French International Open for teenagers, Belgian Open, Junior Austrian Open, Czech Open and Celtic Cup among others.

Since leaving the WKGB and among the founding members of Karate Wales Ltd, we have dominated the Welsh Karate League, earning the ‘top club’ accolade every season between 2012-13 and 2015-16.

As well as being successful in the competition arena, we deliver Karate for everyone. 
Rob Copeland established Special Needs categories in competitions in Wales, being honoured by Sport Wales for doing so and we have visited virtually every school in the Vale of Glamorgan, introducing Karate to literally thousands of Children and although we have streamlined over the past couple of years, we are still probably Wales’ biggest club.

We now have our own small dojo at Barry Leisure centre (where it all started in 1986) and run four classes each evening, where everyone can benefit from the attention to detail we can now deliver.
We continue to run our busy and large Friday and Saturday classes at the YMCA Hub, where everyone can enjoy training with Vale Karate.



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